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Markus Vetter Fotograf, Wildlife & Travel Photography Stuttgart, Landscape Fotografien, Wildlife Bilder, Landschaftsbilder

Markus Vetter


Hi, I am Markus Vetter, wildlife, nature and travel photographer. 

I love to explore the world with the camera in my hands and feel the wind and the sun in my face. These are the situations where I pause, enjoy the moment and store it deep in my heart.


Even as a child I was fascinated by animals, nature, the countless different landscapes and traveling. Fascinated, I tried to learn everything about animals and their unique habitat on this earth. 


Now, many years later, I have found a way to revitalize my love for travel, animals and nature. Together with my camera I capture these very special and unique moments.


For me, nothing better than the quote from Cesare Pavese - We don't remember days, we remember moments - describes my attitude to life, because it is the moments that are important in life and are worth saving for yourself. 


Have fun exploring my captured moments....

Online Publications


Bridgeport Art Center
1200 W 35th St, Chicago - USA
September 23 - November 04  2022

Landscape Photographer of the Year 


Canon EOS R5

RF 15-35 F2.8

RF 35 F1.8

RF 24-105 F4

RF 100-500 F5.6/7.4

DJI Pocket 2

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Tel : +49 176 5545 8219
Email :

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